1Woodlawn Community Meeting: Nov. 15th @ 6pm

Thursday, November 15th at 6pm at Apostolic Church of God 

Woodlawn Residents and Stakeholders,

At our last meeting we presented a working strategy designed to begin addressing involuntary displacement by working with the Department of Planning to create a comprehensive community-led plan for the vacant land owned by the City of Chicago. We are also looking to address non-city vacant land and abandoned buildings.

For those in Woodlawn not engaged with this process, the future of Woodlawn may appear to be out of the hands of the community. But for those on the 1Woodlawn journey, a transparent process to support community growth, has been developing over the past three years.

This journey we are on together will continue into the foreseeable future as we address the complexities of the market forces in a very complex political environment.

Now it is time to define how we build on our current assets, and how best to build a self-determined and self-sustaining community.

We look forward to seeing you at the next 1Woodlawn meeting on Thursday, November 15th. The agenda is as follows:

– Obama Presidential Center Update presented by the Obama Foundation

– Woodlawn Land Development Strategy: How the Redevelopment is being planned

– Defining the Woodlawn Development Narrative: What do we want Woodlawn to Become?

REGISTRATION: 1woodlawnmeeting14.eventbrite.com

Please contact us with any questions at networkofwoodlawn@gmail.com.

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